model 2 platform for portal

The model 2 washing station platform for carwash portals is 500x1100 cm in size and made from 4 interlocking panels of size 253x550 cm each, thickness 20 cm and weight 6.20 tons each.

The platform is supplied complete with a green coloured corrosion-proof fibreglass grille with a non-slip surface in quartz and silica, with a mesh size of 3.8x3.8x3.8h, formed by one panel module of size 80x100 cm and one panel module of size 16x350 cm


The supply includes:


  • Adhesive strips of giuntoplasto (impregnated expanded polyurethane) between the tank and panels to stop water infiltrating under the platform.

  • Stainless steel brackets and bolts for fixing the panels in place.

  • Customisation of the platform to provide passages inside the panels for pipes to drain off rainwater and washing water, and to provide passages for electrical power cables

  • Drawings for the construction phases that must be completed prior to installation of the platform: area delimitation, tank construction, perimeter kerb construction and panel installation.

  • On site installation of the platform by our personnel.

  • Structural report, technical specifications and maintenance plan.

Optional services:

  • Road transport with or without crane.

  • Crane hire.

The supply does not include:

  • Water collection pit of internal dimensions 100x100 cm for installation under the platform.

  • Construction work in general (excavations, earthworks, installation beds, platform perimeter kerbs) and structural calculations for construction works.





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