Gardens-Pav S.r.l., a company with registered offices at 154/A Via Romea, Legnaro, near Padua in Northern Italy, specialises in products for the treatment of domestic and industrial waste water and rainwater, and in the construction of carwash floor platforms and wall supports.Gardens-Pav has achieved a position of leadership in the field of water purification thanks to its continuous quest for quality standards that conform to all applicable legal standards and satisfy the expectations of the most demanding customers.

The always up-to-date equipment and the unceasing innovation of the manufacturing process, represent a pillar for a strategy that guarantees competitiveness, in a market that is subject to continuous transformation.The production is focused on quality, and avails itself of the latest and most advanced technologies.The computerized concrete equipment, with electronically-controlled standards,  mixes aggregate, concrete, water and chemical additives, thus creating a concrete with a cube compressive strength of fck 45 N/mm2 and a class of slump of S4. The concrete is reinforced with B450C steel. The raw materials we buy meet all of the compliance requirements and the manufactured products are made in accordance with the following regulations:

D.M. 14/01/2008
“Technical regulations on the constructions”;

Circular n. 617 of the 02/02/2009

Instructions for the application of the “Technical regulations on the constructions”;

UNI EN 206-1:2006

Concrete – Part 1: Specification, performance, production and compliance.

Guidelines on the ready-mix concrete, published by the Central Technical Service of the Presidency of the High Council for Public Works (February 2003 edition).

UNI 11104:2004

“Concrete – specification, performance, production and compliance. Complementary instructions for the application of the EN 206-1”

UNI En 858-1:2005

“Separation equipment for light fluids”

UNI En 1825-1:2005

“Fat separators, part 1”

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