Platforms for self-service carwashes

Among other things, self-service carwashes require floors that are solid enough to support the weight of vehicles, and that have a sufficient slope to ensure that washing water running off the vehicle can drain away rapidly.

The latest pre-fabricated platforms from Gardens-Pav are specially designed for use as vehicle washing floors. The complete floor is made up of four panels for portal type washing stations or two panels for self-wash stations.

Gardens-Pav platforms are specially designed and made to:

  • create the right type of surface to facilitate water run-off while eliminating the risk of slipping;
  • do away with the need for formwork or containing structures;
  • eliminate surface deformation;
  • provide the right type of structure, made from reinforced concrete that has been cured without major fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
  • reduce car wash construction times. Once the central drainage pit, drainage channels and supporting foundations have been constructed, it only takes a few hours to lay the panels and obtain a fully operational car-wash floor.


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